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I have to say that I absolutely love my essential oil diffusers. I have them in our bedrooms, living room and I even bring one with me when I travel. These diffusers are great because in addition to making my home smell nice, the oils that are being diffused into the air also have wonderful health benefits. The diffused oils are helpful for purification, antibacterial, relaxation, mood enhancement, increase of metabolism and a wide variety of other uses. For me, a busy mom with 3-boys, it’s  such a simple thing that  I can do to promote our overall well being.

One of my favorite oils to diffuse is the Slim and Sassy blend. This particular oil smells great and also increases the metabolism. Another of my go to blends is Breath. This is great if someone is stuffy or has sinus issues. I just pop some drops of Breath into my diffuser and it really seems to help. Then there is On Guard, which not only helps with cold or virus symptoms but is also helpful in preventing everyone else in the house from getting sick.

These diffusers are also a great alternative to chemical air fresheners.  There are so many different scents to choose from, and in my opinion, they smell way better. This is also great for people with chemical sensitivity as these oils are pure, organic, and non toxic. I have actually never used traditional air fresheners. They are too strong and fake smelling for me. I am also very aware of home many chemicals and toxins are used to make the synthetic fresheners. Making my home smell nice without the use of potentially hazardous chemicals is very import to me and why I love these oils so much.

There are so many wonderful uses that truly this list could go on and on. Hopefully this was helpful and if you would like your own diffuser and oils contact me at


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