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Essential oils

Essential Oils are one of natures most abundant gifts. They are obtained from the plant which they are extracted from. There are a variety of wonderful uses for essential oils. Some of my favorites are  aromatherapy, medicinal purposes, cleaning, self care, and bug repellent. I personally enjoy blending my own fragrances and creating my own air fresheners. Essential oils are not only an all natural way to support your body but a great way to clean your home.

Using what nature has provided for us is not only necessary but the healthiest option. To me Essential Oils just seem like the obvious choice. They are a wonderful way to freshen up your space and clean your home with non-toxic ingredients. They work especially great because some oils are antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. They also have numerous health benefits and are used in the treatment of: depression, ADHD, posttraumatic stress disorder, hormone imbalances, pain relief, and symptoms from the common cold, just to name a few. For therapeutic results the oil must be pure and not synthetic. This is why I use and recommend doTerra Essential Oils.

One particular blend of oils that I like to use is: 2-drops of lavender, 2-drops of lemon, 2-drops of peppermint

This combination works great for seasonal allergies. They are a simple, inexpensive and effective way that I can offer relief to my children. The oils can be rubbed directly on the body or placed in a diffuser. I like to do both and the great thing about the diffuser is that our whole family gets to breath in the healing oils. I know that for me, a mother of three children and four pets, I personally don’t want to add harsh, harmful chemicals to our bodies. That being said of course I want my children to be happy and healthy.  The solution really is Essential Oils. I hope this is helpful, and please contact me for additional information or to order your own doTerra Oils.

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